Finnegans Wake

flap - to beat the wings, of a bird: To make way by flapping the wings.

debacle* - a sudden breaking up or downfall; a confused rush or rout.

quarter* - boundary or limit towards one of the cardinal points.


niver - never

thon - the one yonder, that

nixie* - a female water elf

not on your life* - by no means, not on any account

mooch - to pretend poverty, sneak, steal;         muchly - much, exceedingly.

afreet - demon                                                                                                  afraid

jist - just

hope - to expect with desire, or to desire with expectation; to look forward to.

boys will be boys* - an expression of resignation towards childish ways.

peaceful;    fugle - leader.

paradise bird* = bird-of-paradise

peri - in Persian Mythology, one of a race of superhuman beings, originally represented as of evil or malevolent character, but subsequently as good genii, fairies, or angels, endowed with grace and beauty;        very - possessing the true character of the person or thing named.

godmother* - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child.

peewee - a lapwing, the thin wailing cry of this bird; applied to a small child.

powwow - the working of cures; 'medicine'.

flick - any sudden movement, a jerk

flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck.

fleck - particle, to flutter about, to jerk, to move with quick vibrations

fling - to throw, cast, toss, hurl

pixilated* - mentally somewhat unbalanced, confused, inchanted, bewitched; drunk.

pact;     pack - a package, parcel, esp. one of considerable size or weight.

peck - Of birds: To take (food) with the beak.

plunder - robbery, pillage

armistice* - a cessation from arms; a short truce.



merry Christmas

minutia - very small in size, extent, amount, or degree.


truce - a suspension of hostilities for a specified period between armies at war, peace.

childer - children


burrow - to construct by burrowing, to excavate.                                                   borrowed

coacher - the driver of a coach

headlights - two powerful lamps carried on the front of a motor vehicle.

pry - to look esp. to look closely or curiously

knapsack* - a bag or case of stout canvas or leather, worn by soldiers, strapped to the back and used for carrying necessaries; any similar receptacle used by travellers for carrying light articles.

cartridge* - the case in which the exact charge of powder for fire-arms is made up.

rattling buttons

nappy - having a nap, shaggy, fuzzy;            nap - a special surface given to cloth of various kinds by artificial raising of the short fibres, with subsequent cutting and smoothing.

spattee - formerly, an outer stocking or legging worn by women for protection against wet and cold.

flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck, applied esp. to the bottles of this form, protected by a covering of wicker-work or plaited   grass, etc. in which wines and olive oil are exported from Italy

clavichord* - a musical instrument with strings and keys;     claviculer - a key keeper, turnkey      clavis (l) - key.

scapular* - a short cloak covering the shoulders; prescribed by the Rule of St. Benedict to be worn by monks when engaged in manual labour.

woodpile - a pile of wood (as firewood)

hapenny* - half penny

moonlet* - a little moon

brooch - an ornamental fastening, consisting of a safety pin, with the clasping part fashioned   into a ring, boss, shield, or other device of precious metal or other material, artistically wrought, set with jewels, etc.

bloodstone* - a name applied to certain precious stones spotted or streaked with red, supposed in former times to have the power of staunching bleeding, when worn as amulets;        stane - stone.

breeks - breeches

boaston = boston - a card game

nickel - a hard silvery-white lustrous mineral;        knick knack - a light dainty article of furniture, dress or food; a trinket.

nack - an acquired faculty of doing something cleverly or successfully.

cate - an article of food, choice food; cat

howitzer - a short piece of ordnance, usually of light weight, specially designed for the horizontal firing of shells with small charges, and adapted for use in a mountainous country.

midge* - a popular name loosely applied to many small gnat-like insects; an artificial fly for fishing.; a diminutive person.

magget = maggot


ell - a measuring rod = ell-wand.

loff - laugh; loaf; love; luff

toff - a person of superior social status and often fashionable.

slain - p. p. od slay; smut in grain.


true to - consistent with, exactly agreeing with


post prophesy* - to prophesy after the event.

lordy - exp. of surprise or astonishment

heir - inheritor

lady's maid* - a woman servant whose special duty it is to attend to the toilet of a lady.

a nice or pretty kettle of fish* - an awkward state of things, a 'muddle'.

laff - laugh

plore - to weep, wail

naperon - apron

aria -a connected succession of musical sounds in expressive rhythmical arrangement                airs

sair - sore

solly - solely; strange, marvellous, wonderful                                                                       sorry

Grick - Greek

Trojan* - an inhabitant or native of Troy.