Finnegans Wake

tofee* - a sweet-meat made from sugar or treacle, butter, and sometimes a little flour, boiled together.

stonewall - used as an epithet for one who seeks to confound by dogged resistance.

matrimony* - a husband

busheller* - one who repairs garments for tailors                                          bachelor

alout - to stoop, to bow down                                                                                  aloud

Hindoo* - an Aryan of Northern India (Hindustan)

threefold* - having three parts

hank - to fasten with a hank

waggle - to move (anything held or fixed at one end) to and fro with short quick motions, or with a rapid undulation; esp. to shake (any movable part of the body).


sepoy* - a native of India serving in the british army

tinder - to become inflamed, glow, burn                                                              tender


shimmer* - a shimmering light or glow; a subdued tremulous light.


do for - to ruin, damage or injure fatally; to act for or in behalf of.

bullseye - the center of a target, a shot that hits a bull's eye.

phew - a vocal gesture expressing impatience, disgust, discomfort, or weariness.


windy - window; a tall story; a piece of boasting or exaggeration.

quaint* - of things: Skilfully made, so as to have a good appearance, ingeniously or cunningly designed or contrived                                                                                                          29

vagrant* - one who wanders or roams about; wandering, straying, roving.

piltdown - the name of a village in Sussex, England (piltdown man)                          pillar

knolly - full or abounding in knolls or hillocks

spy - to catch sight of, to discover

gnarly - covered with protuberances; distorted, twisted;     barley bird - name given locally to various birds appearing about the time of barley-sowing, as the wryneck, siskin, greenfinch, and sometimes the nightingale.

pree - to try what (a thing) is lide esp. by tasting

pelf - to spoil, rob


bleak - barren, dismal;       blackbird - a well-known European song-bird, a species of thrush.

Rothschild* -one who resembles a member of the Rothschild family in being exceptionally rich; a millionaire;        wroth - angry, filled with wrath.

uproar* - an insurrection or rising of the populace; a serious tumult, commotion, or outbreak of disorder among the people or a body of persons; loud outcry or vociferation, noise of shouting or tumult.