cant - a portion, nook, niche

quest - any inquiry or investigation made in order to discover some fact, search or pursuit, made in order to find or obtain something.

a dime a dozen - plentiful or common place to the point of having little value

ornery - ordinary

josser - fellow, chap

fortyish - being about 40 years old, looking forty years old

flatulent - pompous, self important, pretentious

tuck -to thrust or put away (an object) into a close place where it is snugly held or concealed.

flap - part of the envelope (turnover)

sore - of a strong, severe, or violent character in respect of operation or effect; painful.

circumstantiate - to place in certain circumstances

intro - introduction

elaborative - capable of elaborating, tending to elaborate

ancestral* - of or inherited from ancestors

upstairs - at the top of, on a floor or in a room reached by, a flight of stairs; in one of the upper stories of a house.

straightaway - without hesitation or dalay

run off - to run away

plump - directly, at once, straight, without hesitation or circuitous action; directly facing in position.

in one's naturals* - in a perfectly naked state

blinkard* - one that blinks with or as if with weak eyes, one who has imperfect sight,      a stupid or obtuse person.

evolutionary - evolutional (due to or produced by evolution)

inharmonious - not harmonious in relation, disagreeing, not in accordance

captious - faultfinding, caviling, severe

a trifle - in a small degree, a little

coincidental - occupying the same place or portion of space, having the same nature,    character, or value.

clothier - a maker of cloth, one engaged in the cloth trade

rere - rearwards

contemplate - look at, inspect, study